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Our Story

It’s probably safe to say that what started on April 3, 2014 as a fun hobby is now quite a scene in Budapest that many artists and performing-art-loving people visit — not just the locals, but folks from all over the world. That wasn’t the very first open mic organized in Budapest, but the first in a regularly recurring series: initially every month, then every week, then at more and more different venues on different days of the week, to the point that now there’s one just about every day, in fact some days offer multiple events.

It’s a chance for performing artists to grow: practice, expose their talent, get stage experience, be inspired by other performers, experiment with new material and collaborate with others. Several bands and eclectic formations have taken off from these collaborations and we have some heartwarming success stories of those who have taken things a few steps further.

It’s also a community where people meet, make friends, socialize and find support. We’re truly open. At least so we think. 😉

Event header of the first of the regular open mic series in Budapest

Our Mission

  • To give up-and-coming performers a chance to expose their talent, gain stage experience and overcome stage fright.
  • To give hobbyist a chance to have fun practicing their hobby.
  • To give professionals a chance to experiment and be inspired.
  • To give the audience beautifully unpredictable entertainment and an opportunity to support their friends.
  • And finally, to build a supportive and inclusive community of performing-art-loving individuals with very wide ranging backgrounds.

Partners and contributors

Web Design

Bence Karvaly helped put our page together. But he can do a lot more. Check him out.

Graphic Design

This creative fellow musician Csaba Mester is responsible for much of the graphic artwork.

Double Picks

We give away many guitar picks at events. Have you tried this dual-bladed one yet? Ask about Twin Picks.


BG is a journalist, tour guide, musician, promoter & founder of the Open Mic Budapest community site.